New project is starting!

We are thrilled to announce that our project “Jump to improve your mental health” was approved by the NA in the Netherlands 🎉
Through this strategic partnership project, we will focus to increase literacy among young people in the field of mental health, the practice of physical exercise, contributing to the promotion of healthy life habits; bringing young people together, and overcoming socio-geographical barriers during a year. 🧠💪
The project coordinator is Stichting Bij De Tijd 🇳🇱, and the project partners are Avrasya Genclik Gelisim Dernegi 🇹🇷 , Reencontro, associação social, educativa e cultural (I.P.S.S.) 🇵🇹 and Association for Cultural and Educational Development YOUTH ON BOARD from The Republic of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Our new adventure is just about to start 🚀💥
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